FABO is here

The year got off to a cracking start with lots and lots of books being sent to me to judge. Just when I would finish a box another box came in. My lounge is drowning in books. They are in piles all over the house. All of the judges are working hard.

FABO started this week... and it's a serial story this year.
Lost in The P. E. Shed Vortex.
Reluctant time traveling duo David and Ella are caught in a time vortex at their school. Where do they end up? How can they get back and does the rat have something to do with it?

Skip on over to the FABO website to read the first chapter and then write what you think happens next!

Gob Smacking News

I was very surprised to get a phone call that turned my legs to jelly. I have been awarded the Betty Gilderdale Award for Outstanding Services to Children's Literature.
This award took me by surprise and I'm very honoured to receive it from my peers. I now have to give a 40 minute presentation. This is tricky... I can write Fiction... but the presentation is supposed to be thoughtful thoughts on children's literature. Non Fiction... aaargh. No room for clowns in here.
Sooo this month I am writing a presentation and a novel for a competition... My fingers are falling off.  My Backstage Pass newsletter is late too... Sorry! Hopefully everything will settle down by December... and then it's CHRISTMAS.