It's December Already!!! Where did the year go?

I've got my Books on Sale all Month!

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Dec. 15 - Jan. 1 2024

It's 2023... What's on this years playbill?

Hi Everybody, 
It is a warm Summers day in January and I'm thinking about the coming year. 
Here down under we focus more on the calendar year as our Summer is over the Christmas - New Year- End Of School break. 
2022 was a challenging year on the home front with various sick relatives keeping me hopping into planes and traveling up and down the country. I didn't get Book 7 of the Circus Quest series published so....   

Coming in 2023 
Clown Chaos
Book 7 in The Circus Quest Series

Everyone is feeling happy now the circus is back on the road. The next clue is the trickiest yet. But disaster strikes again. Is this the end of Circus Charles?

I See Tonight
Book 4 in The Star Light Series.

Tobias gets to pick up the garbage ... in a spaceship. 

There are a couple of secret projects in the works... and I might be able to get out Book 8 in The Circus Quest Series before the end of 2023.

I will be busy with The Underground Bookstore appearances and my weekly roundup for writers over at 
I've got various social media plans... like telling people 📣 I have a maureencrispbooks newsletter. 👀

I hope to get more reviews for my books this year... so if anybody wants to give me an early birthday present you can leave a review on Goodreads... or any of the online bookstores... or tell others about my books. The Playbill is a free ebook everywhere. Star Light is 99c  if you want to try out the first books in series.

Happy reading.