Circus Quest Series

Roll up Roll up...
Join in the Circus Quest with Kestrel and Skye as they hunt clues to save their traveling circus...
The first two books will be launching in Wellington September 21st! If you are in Wellington come and join the fun at The Children's Bookshop 6pm.

The Circus Quest Series follows a traveling circus on tour, 
as they hunt down and solve clues to become Circus Challenge Champions. 
With codes, circus stunts and slapstick humour these books are sure to delight
 beginning independent readers. 

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 They are available in ebook and print online. (see below)

Book One: The Playbill
A strange letter and code propels the circus into a tour they will never forget.
The mysterious Puzzle Master has invited Circus Charles to
once again compete to find the best circus in the world.
But not everyone wants them to win. Win they be stopped like last time? 

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Book Two: Magician's Moustache
Skye discovers that hanging upside down isn't always magic.
With a guide rope on the Big Top snapped, the first show of the new tour is off to a bad start. 
The next clue is hidden in a clock. Unfortunately the town of Papenton is filled with clocks. 

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If you are in New Zealand you can order them from The Children's Bookshop in Kilbirnie

or order them from the publisher Marmac Media